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Product Center
  • Customization Steel Construction

    From carbon steel to stainless steel, we have a large number of well-qualified and experienced welders who work according to internationally recognized standards, including: AWS D1.1, AS1554, ASME IX & EN1090.
    We have international standard qualified inspectors who can apply fixed inspection as per specification and requirement.

  • HDPE & UHMWPE Products

    Our main plastic products are: pads, irregular products and grille boards.Our factory is the first manufacturer of UHMWPE pad with over 10 years fabrication experience.Ticona material is preferred adopted to make the property of products stable.

  • Conveyor Belt

    The conveyor system refers to a conveyor belt which runs along a series of rollers and which is used in such industries as mining, port transport, paper making, packaging and so on.

The Project

On the 20th April, 2010, the world’s largest ever oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico on the Deep Horizon oil rig. Following the explosion and sinking of the rig, an oil gusher on the sea floor flowed for 87 days before it was eventually capped. To minimize the damaging impact of the spill, the rig’s operator, BP, approached QTM on the 5th May to manufacture and supply a 3600 meter long PVC containment boom with 6000 meters rubber boom accessories. The order was completed within 10 days. We arranged for it to be delivered on two flights by Boeing 747-400F aircraft directly to the spill area in New Orleans.


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