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Polyurethane Solid Buoys


Our buoy enjoys good floating performance and is not influenced by tidal range.
It needs little maintenance.
It is safe without danger of explosion.
It can be painted many colors, which are beautiful and enjoy identifying function.
It is connected with flange and convenient to be transported.

Presently our products cover more than 50   models and varieties and have passed the certification of military product   quality system and the approval of LR, DNV and CCS. Our products have been   sold to many Chinese military ports, Nanhai Rescue Bureau, Donhai Rescue   Bureau, Beihai Rescue Bureau, SinoPetro, and SinoPec, and they have been   highly thought of. Our company possesses 2,000 square meters of high-rise   dust-free workshops and associated foam companies. We have made strict   quality control from the very beginning of foam to molding process and   realized the marketing of our own products. 
  Foam-filled buoy is a floating buoy system which utilizes light   highly-elastic foam as buffer medium and it is better in quality than the   pneumatic buoy. Our buoys are widely used at ports and in STS and STD   berthing operation. Our products enjoy the following 

       1.Compared with the compression-type buoys,   foam-filled ones floats better and its position of installation is not   influenced by tidal range.
       2.Compared with the pneumatic buoys, our   foam-filled buoy does not need examination, re-inflation or maintenance and   is safe without worrying about explosion.
       3.Compared with the pneumatic buoys, it enjoys   better energy absorption and lower reactive force.
       4.We can produce the largest rubber buoys   according to the customers’ demand.
       5.The surface of the buoy can be painted many   colors, which make the products beautiful and better identifying function.
       6.Our buoy uses hanging chain and its   installation and transportation is convenient. The chain and tire net can be   freed chosen so as to lengthen the service life of the buoy.

Scope of Application:
      1.Port and ships
      2.Gravity quay wall and dolphin pier, especially quay   wall with big tidal range.
      3.Floating fender is especially suitable as STS   fender.
      4.It can be used as bridgepier fender to protect the   pier and avoid direct collision.
      5.It can be used as wharf protective equipment and   can be flexibly used as emergency equipment.
      6.It can be used by the special military ships to   ensure the berthing safety.
      7.Adopting super-large floating foam-filled fenders   can increase the water depth at berthing so as to upgrade the wharf.
      8.Floating foam-filled fenders can be used by themselves   or be combined with other protective devices to make protective system to   guarantee the safety of the bridge-piers or ships.
  Advantages of (polyurethane) foam-filled fenders:

Technical advantages:
      We enjoy advanced foam plastic and elastomer   technology and our workmanship of foam-filled fenders is identical with that   of American SEAWARD. Our products take advantage of environment-friendly EPU   and new polymer material with adjustable elastic modulus. The high strength,   high elasticity, high adhesion, maximal impermeability, and high aging   resistance of our products guarantee the designed service life and economic   value of our products. 

Product advantages
      ·High   energy absorption and low reactive force
       ·Strong outer layer
       ·Free choice among many colors, many sizes and many   varieties.
      ·Delivery Inspection

The photos of Polyurethane solid buoy

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