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Conveyor Belt

The conveyor system refers to a conveyor belt which runs along a series of rollers and which is used in such industries as mining, port transport, paper making, packaging and so on.

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We produce multi-type belts to meet the different requirements of our clients, including Multi-ply Textile Conveyor Belts, Steel-cord Conveyor Belts, Heat-Resistant conveyor belts, Oil conveyor belts, Chemical Resistant conveyor belts, Flame retardant conveyor belts and other types to suit individual client specifications.

Our belts conform to different quality standards, including GB/T7984.DIN22102, AS1332, JISK6322.

Multi-ply Textile Conveyor Belt

The anti-draught body was made up of cotton canvas, nylon, polyester canvas,. Also be matched with top-bottom rubber cover characters

Classification and Feature

NN belt: good elasticity in belt body, high strength, impact resistance, warping strength, into a good groove, little elongation, I it is suitable for long-distance, heavy-impact and heavy-abrasion material conveying

EP belt: high initial modulus, high dimensional stability with a better body, shock resistance, suitable for the medium, long-distance and large capacity, and high-speed delivery of materials.

Conveyor Belt.jpgconveyor belt.jpg

conveyor belt.jpgconveyor belt.jpg

Steel-cord Conveyor Belt

The belt is comprised of longitudinally and evenly arranged non-spinning galvanized wire ropes and high adhesive rubber, with the top and bottom rubber cover. It can be widely used in coal industry, mines, ports, metallurgical industry, power plant and chemical industry for conveying materials.

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Classification and Feature

General structure: The core-rubber has enough pervasion space enter each steel cord, Good conglutination between rubber and steel cord, Good anti erode character of steel cord. It can release steel cord’s mutual cut and torsion, Good anti-dynamic fatigue character, So belt can have a long lifespan Character: The Core-rubber has enough pervasion space enter each steel cord, Good conglutination between rubber and steel cord, Good anti-erode character of steel cord. It can release steel cord’s mutual cut and torsion. Good anti-dynamic fatigue character. So belt can have a long lifespan.

The draught-resistant body is made of high strength steel wire net, nylon net, spinning net or low extension galvanized steel wire, Top or bottom steel wire it would be matched a transverse-reinforcement body work as an anti-avulsion layer, also matched with high strength, abrasion-resistant, and aging-resistant cover rubber. During working once belt was perforated, it can prevent this case to be large.

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Heat-Resistant conveyor belt

The carcass of the heat resistant conveyor belt selects cotton canvas or EP canvas as skeleton material. This kind of conveyor belt adopt ethylene-propylene rubber or styrene butadiene rubber as coating with good heat resistance. The rubber compound used in the cover have been designed to avoid premature aging due to contact with any source of heat.

Classification and Feature

It can be divided into four types according to working temperature range:



Operating   Temperature











Oil conveyor belt

Oil resistant conveyor belt carries parts and components coated with machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants and electric power generating plants, soybean draff, fish meat and other oily materials. Materials  containing  non-polar organic solvents and fuel.


Cover Rubber physical and mechanical properties


Tensile   strength Mpa

Elongation   at


Abrasion   mm3


Shore   A

Change   rate%≤70±2,70h,

GB/T   1690 No.2













Chemical Resistant conveyor belt

The core of Acid Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or polyester canvas. It has good elastic belt body and good grooving performance and low elongation rate. The cover rubber is made of acid and alkali resistant material. It is suitable for convey acid and alkali materials.

Rubber physical property

Name   of Index


 Tensile strength


Elongation   at break


Shore   AHardness




Flame retardant conveyor belt

Widely used in metallurgy, foundry, cement chemical industry etc, the temperature of convey materials is up to 180-200,to 600℃。

Flame resistant property


 Flame resistant grade



(flame   duration)

Total   duration of six test samples with cover is≤45s.Duration of flame for any   individual test sample is≤15s.

Average   duration of three test samples with cover is≤60s.

(static   conductivity)



There   is no re-flame on any samples


Conveyor Belt.jpg Conveyor Belt.jpg

conveyor belt.jpg conveyor belt.jpg

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