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Spillway Gates

What is the Spillway Gate?

 Spillway gates synthesize both advantages of rubber dam and steel gate dam which is a new type of hydraulic structure.

Due to spillway gates not restricted by geographical climate conditions, environmental applicability strong. Can be used in city flood control, environment beautify,irrigation,hydropower, tourist attraction, sewage control, aquaculture. Especially play big role in flash flood ,flotage ,rolling stone, sediment river

And also used to

●Steel gate in adaptation environment.

Like: broad river, river coating depth, flash flood, navigation river

●Hydraulic automatic flap gate in adaptation environment.

Like: rapid flow,flotage,sediment,rolling stones river.

●Rubber dam inadaptation environment. 

Like:large,rapid,flotage,rolling stone, ice run river

●Exceed rubber dam, hydraulic automatic flap gate design scope and bear ability environment.

Like: dam height over 5m,top running water over 1m project


                                               Spillway Gates.jpg

1.     Spillway gates structure

a set of gate panela set of air bladdera set of anchor bolta set of automatic inflatable and deflatable system

Spillway Gates.jpg

2.     Operating principle :

A Block water

Through inflating the air bladder to support the steel gate to block water.

B  Spillover

When spillover, the air bladder under the steel panel can be protected from water scouring and flotage attacking.

C  Dam height adjust

Adjust the air pressure to get the required height

D  Deflation

When air bladder deflated, gate panel and air bladder are both cling to the riverbed and the air bladder was entirely covered by the steel panel. (All of the operation processes can be under automation supervisory system)

Spillway Gates.jpg

Block water

Spillway Gates.jpg


Spillway Gates.jpg


3.     Property compared with traditional hydraulic structures

Structure simple, building and installing period short

The ability of flood control and flood defense is outstanding, operation is safe

The height of the flows and operation situations can be controlled continuously.

High-efficiency in cleaning and silt discharging

Good capacity of blocking and  overflow

Inflating and deflating  time short operation management simple

Long service life and good economic returns.

Earthquake resistant ability  strong, high adaptability

Beautiful landscape

Special abilities of against ice and freezing

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Anchor Installation

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Finished basement

Inflatable Dam.jpgInflatable Dam.png

Install steel gate

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Inflate Rubber Bladder

Inflatable Dam.png

Support the steel gate

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Spillover Beautiful landscape

Inflatable Dam.png

After deflation

4.     Project

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Project in Beijing

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Project site in Jiangxi

Inflatable Dam.jpg


               Project site in Beijing

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Project site in Yantai

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Project site in Jiangxi

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Project site in Tangjiabo

Inflatable Dam.jpg

Project site in Yantai










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