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We can provide types of buoy mooring system to fit different application environment and purposes. According to different materials, the buoy mooring system can be divided into steel, PE & UHMWPE. Based on different functions, the buoy mooring system can be used as marking the range of waterway, channels and barriers, indicating depth, and forecasting wind. The buoy mooring system also can be divided into visual buoy, trumpet buoy, and radio buoy by manufacturing principle. 



    UHMWPE Buoy Mooring SystemPolyethylene Buoy Mooring SystemSteel Buoy Mooring System
Materialultra high molecular weight polyethylenelow molecular weight polyethylene           steel
MaintenanceTail tube and floating body need no painting,little marine growth,and therefore less regular cleaningTail tube needs painting once and marine growth removal annuallyNeeds painting once and marine growth removal annually
DeploymentBy Small VesselBy Small VesselBy large Vessel
Environmental PerformanceNo PollutionTail tube needs painting can cause environmental pollutionRequires overall painting can cause environmental pollution
Service life20 years10 years colour fading5 years

UHMWPE Buoy.jpg UHMWPE Buoy.jpg

UHMWPE Buoy.jpg UHMWPE Buoy.jpg

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